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Developing Multifunctional Leaders for a Turbulent Decade, An interview with Vladimir Mau


The world has been facing new business, leadership, and educational challenges. Some of them are universal, while others are contextual. The emerging environments are specific from a twofold perspective. They have been experiencing dynamic economic growth and dramatic social change in the last couple of decades, yet their business education and leadership development institutions have a much shorter tradition than their counterparts in the established economies. In such a context, the above-mentioned challenges may have different magnitudes and dimensions, but they also provide different opportunities.

Prof. Vladimir Mau, Rector of the Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), expressed his views and ideas on the dramatic changes across the world in his interview given by, for Central and East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN). These issues were at the center of discussion at the 20th CEEMAN Annual Conference on "Business and Educational Challenges in Dynamically Changing Environments" and the related Deans and Directors Meeting on "Management Development Institution Building in Growth Economies", taking place in Cape Town, South Africa, where Prof. Vladimir Mau was a keynote speaker.

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