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The key to success of any educational program is its faculty, which justifies the highest expectations of MBA students.

In the MBA program of Grenoble Graduate School of Business (in cooperation with the RANEPA) assembled a unique team of international teachers, most of whom - a professor of practice and consultants who are in close contact with the real business both in Russia and in the leading Western countries. All faculty members participate in active research work and solutions of practical problems in various organizations, are the authors of scientific articles and literature. 75% of classes are taught by experienced international team of professors from Grenoble, France in English. 25% of the classes held by the best Russian professors of RANEPA accredited by the French side, using the recommended textbooks and cases adapted to the Russian environment. This program does not break away from the Russian realities of the business, making training more useful for students.

To work on the program, we also plan to attract and practicing managers of Russian and European companies to conduct master classes. The International center of RANEPA provides an opportunity to regularly attend lectures management guru Isaac Adizes, Manfred Kets de Vries etc. to the students and alumni.